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360 Marketing Audit

We review everything — including design/UX, analytics data, search ranking, and historical campaign performance. At the end, we'll present our findings and recommendations for hitting your specific business goals.

Campaign Management

We know how to run effective ads on all major platforms (e.g. Google/Bing, Facebook/IG, LinkedIn, Twitter). We'll whip your existing campaigns into shape — or create new ones from scratch. Monthly management optional.

Custom Solutions

Are you looking for an expert copywriter? Need someone to do a deep dive into RTB performance data? Want to run a proper landing page A/B test? As long as it's marketing related, we will get it done!

For time and cost estimates, please contact us.

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About Us

We're based in Toronto, Canada—and work with clients from all over.

Nikita Andreev


With over 8 years of experience in marketing & analytics, Nikita knows how to generate leads and grow sales online. After working in the AdTech industry—where he worked on marketing campaigns for major eCommerce players and the Fortune 500—Nikita started AdMend to help startups and SMBs hit their marketing goals.

In his spare time, Nikita enjoys traveling, hiking, and taking photos. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering (Operations Research) from the University of Toronto.

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